Rent the Omicron ARCO 400, a Universal Test Set for Recloser Controls

Omicron ARCO 400 Universal Test Set for Recloser ControlsThe Omicron ARCO 400 drastically simplifies recloser control testing, and offers a new way of testing that covers all of the circumstances in the field, no matter which type of recloser control that needs to be tested or which type of controller function needs to be verified. 

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The Versatile and High Power Omicron CMC 356 Relay Tester

Omicron CMC 356 Universal Relay Test Set and Commissioning ToolSome of the more common misoperations of electro-mechanical relays can be attributed to welded contacts or open circuited operating coils. While these type issues may initially appear to be small and inconsequential, if not detected early, the impacts can seriously affect the protection and reliability of electrical distribution. The failure of protective relays to operate in actual fault conditions can be extremely dangerous to the electrical system itself and more importantly…to those who work near the affected circuit.