High Voltage Inc. ADL-1 Data Logger

Wireless VLF Hipot Data Logging with the High Voltage ADL-1 Data Logger

Most very low frequency (VLF) hipot testers need a computer onsite to monitor the test results and store them for analysis.  However, this can be a hassle especially when you need to bring a lot of electrical test equipment onsite.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send the test results wirelessly so other colleagues could collaborate with the diagnostics?  If you demand hipot data logging with convenient wifi connectivity, you will be very interested in High Voltage Inc.’s  ADL-1 Data Logger.

Connecting your Insulation Test Set

DC Hipots and Megohmmeters are fairly common test sets used by test technicians and engineers.  The basic operation for both a DC Hipot and a Megohmmeter is the same; a known DC voltage is applied across insulation.  The applied potential causes several small currents through and over surfaces of the insulation being tested. The total current is measured and the result is displayed as either an ohmic value or as a current value.

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Find the AC Hipot Test Equipment You Need at Protec

High Voltage ALT-120/60 120kV / 60kV AC HipotFor testing high voltage electrical equipment, AC dielectric test equipment can provide accurate indications of leakage current, in addition to valuable insight regarding the insulating characteristics of electrical apparatus. Using equipment such as an AC high potential test set can help in rapid detection of impending insulation failures and provide assurance that equipment is safe to operate.

Rent HV Diagnostic PDTD120 for Partial Discharge, Tan Delta Testing

HV Diag PDTD120Diagnostics of medium and high voltage cables provides the opportunity for early detection of weaknesses and preventative maintenance work to be carried out before the cable fails in service. Partial Discharge diagnostics (PD) allows a precise analysis of cables and their joints and terminations. Tan Delta diagnostics (TD) provides a clear statement about the overall dielectric condition of aged polymeric cables.


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What Is the Advantage of VLF Hipot Testing?

High Voltage VLF-65E 65kV VLF Tester VLF hipot —very low frequency hipot — is an AC high potential instrument used for testing the dielectric strength of insulating materials at 0.1 Hz or lower. Instead of having to perform DC testing because high potential test equipment that operates at power system frequency are large, heavy and therefore not very portable, VLF high potential testing  makes testing cables and electrical apparatus in the field more practical and economical. 

The Test Equipment You Need for Cable Preventive Maintenance

Doble TDR9100 Circuit Breaker Test SystemCables are exposed to the elements like moisture, dirt and other contaminants. They are also subjected to mechanical and electrical stress during operation. This is the importance of regular testing of cables. Predictive maintenance often employs diagnostic type tests which will provide the test data necessary to prioritize the replacement of those cables before they become faulted and the source of unscheduled down time.