Comprehensive Protection Scheme Testing with the Doble F6150

Testing protection schemes requires special electrical test equipment offering high power, sophisticated software and flexibility. The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System fits these specifications perfectly.  With a wide range of increasingly complex protection schemes, the Doble F6150 allows you to run comprehensive tests using just one test unit, alleviating the need to carry multiple tools in the field.

Diagnostic Capabilities of Doble M4000/M4100 are Unmatched

Doble M4000 M4100 Power Factor Insulation AnalyzerPoor insulation can cause serious problems in electrical power distribution. Testing and maintenance programs that include power factor testing of electrical distribution equipment helps to identify potential problems early and to monitor the progression of those problems.  Power Factor testing is an AC insulation test that would be applicable on many types of electrical insulation including the insulating component of cables, motors, generators, transformers, circuit breakers and other power system apparatus.  This type of measurement accommodates planning of maintenance, repairs and replacement of power system components without compromising the electrical system.

High Performing Doble 6150 Relay Tester

JUne, 2012Doble F6150 Relay Testing SystemWhen ground fault or microprocessor relay testing is needed, there’s no better relay test set than the Doble F6150 Relay Testing System.  This high tech solution to diagnostic simulation testing offers all the powerful flexibility that is vital to protective testing and keeps electrical equipment running optimally.


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Doble F6150e is the Ultimate Tool for Protection Scheme Testing

Doble F6150e Relay Testing SystemThe Doble F6150e Relay Testing System is a versatile, all-in-one solution for testing protection relays and their protection schemes. Whether you need to test an individual component or test an entire scheme, the Doble F6150e Relay Testing System is the proven solution to assess protection system performance for analog testing of 1A and 5A protection devices. The Doble F6150e Relay Testing System has optional enhanced power output and WiFi features that allow further capability to give expanded performance and communication features.

Sweep Frequency Response Analysis Makes Transformer Maintenance Easy and Saves Time

Doble M5200 Sweep Frequency Response AnalyzerTransformers can sometimes experience significant physical stresses whenever they are moved from one location to another, such as when they are initially shipped from the manufacturer. Once they have been placed into service transformers can also experience tremendous stresses related to being in the path of fault currents when something goes wrong in the electrical system. The combination of mechanical and electrical stress can cause the transformer to prematurely fail. Symptoms may not be obvious until the damage is already extensive. Performing sweep frequency response tests can be used as an early identifier problems that occur as a result of physical changes within the transformer.