Doble M4000 M4100

The M4100 Doble Power Factor Test Set

Doble M4000 M4100 Power Factor Insulation AnalyzerTesting the effectiveness of electrical insulators can be done using Power factor testing. This test applies to medium and high voltage equipment such as transformers, oil filled capacitors, motors, bushings or any electrical device with an insulator. Doble Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of Power factor testers. One popular tester is the Doble M4000 M4100 Power Factor Insulation Analyzer.

Perform High Voltage Testing with the Doble M4000 M4100

Doble-M4000.jpgWhen it comes to performing high voltage testing for power apparatus, transformers or bushing failure, the Doble M4000 M4100 Power Factor Insulation Analyzer offers a comprehensive solution to meet the challenges of accurate and reliable high voltage diagnostics for power apparatus equipment.