When Testing SF6 Filled Equipment Rent the DILO Zero Emission Analyzer

DILO 3-038R-R303 Zero Emission SF6 AnalyzerWhen measuring the humidity and purity of SF6 filled equipment such as switchgears and circuit breakers rely on the DILO 3-038R-R303 Zero Emission SF6 Analyzer.

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Why is it important to test SF6 gas?

As part of preventative maintanence in most substations, measurement of humidity in SF6 gas should be completed. If the humidity content is within manufacturers’ specified limits, then the possibility of HF and SO2 creation is very low. If the humidity level is extreme, then those by-products will be created in high enough concentrations that corrosion will occur in the insulators, resulting in undesirable short-circuiting within the equipment.

DILO SF6 Cylinder Heating Blanket Now Available for Rent from Protec

DILO SF6 Cylinder Heating Blanket HB 120AThe DILO SF6 Cylinder Heating Blanket HB 120A is a thermostatically controlled heater blanket used to heat the lower part of an SF6gas bottle to prevent the SF6 from freezing.

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 With an integrated thermostat that prevents the gas bottle from being overheated, installation of the DILO SF6 Cylinder Heating Blanket is easy, just wrap the blanket around the lower portion of the cylinder and secure it via two Velcro® straps.

Rent the Zero Emissions DILO SF6 Analyzer from Protec

DILO 3-038R-R303 Zero Emission SF6 Analyzer The DILO 3-038R-R303 Zero Emission SF6 Analyzer with gas return system is a compact, easy to use device that allows for the determination of up to six parameters with only one measurement, and no SF6 gas is released into the atmosphere.

With the ability to test SF6 purity (vol %), moisture content, and byproducts (SO2), the DILO 3-038R-R303 Zero Emission SF6 Analyzer features an onboard storage vessel and compressor where the test gas is captured and pumped back into the switchgear.