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Excellent CT Testing with Vanguard’s EZCT Series of Testers

Vanguard EZCT-2000B Automated CT Test SetVanguard’s EZCT series of current transformer testers are designed to be rugged and portable, ideal for industrial and field applications. They can perform the CT excitation, polarity and ratio tests. These testers allow you to test current transformers in their field-mounted configuration. This reduces the need to remove the CT from the host electrical component.

Understanding Current Transformers – Part I Introduction

Current transformers are a commonly used device found in metering and protective relay applications for the electrical power industry.  The purpose of these devices is to scale large primary currents to a smaller, easy to measure, secondary current.  The device also isolates the measuring and recording instruments.  Current transformers (CT) together with voltage transformers (VT) or potential transformers (PT) are known as instrument transformers.

Recently Added to Protec’s Rental Inventory – Raytech CT-T1 CT Tester

Raytech CT-T1 Current Transformer (CT) TesterThe Raytech CT-T1 is a microprocessor-based Current Transformer Tester that measures CT excitation current, ratio, and winding polarity tests, all without having to switch the leads during testing.

This CT Tester is precision-made, fully automatic, portable, and built to stand up to the harsh environments of field testing.

Consider Megger MRCT Rental for Relay, Current Transformer Testing

Megger MRCT Relay and Current Transformer TesterThe Megger MRCT Relay and Current Transformer Tester is a portable unit used to perform demagnetization, ratio, saturation, winding resistance, polarity, phase deviation, and insulation tests on current transformers, and automatically calculates ratio errors, saturation curves, and knee points.

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Upgraded to include additional functionality, further enhancing instrument transformer testing capabilities including: