Battery Impedance

Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Tester Detects Hidden Trouble Spots

Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Test SetThe impedance of a battery provides useful information that can be an early indication of performance issues and hidden trouble spots. High ohmic values are often a prompt for further investigation and potentially the replacement of an aging battery.  Impedance is a marker that is especially useful in checking stationary batteries.

How to Maintain Your Station Batteries … Part V … Ohmic Trending

Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Test SetThere are three types of ohmic battery testers — impedance testers, conductance testers and resistance testers. Each method is recognized by the IEEE and each can be used as a means of determining the State-of-Health (SOH) of a battery.  Perhaps one of the greatest values of ohmic testing is that it is performed while the battery is on-line and it fills the gap between discharge tests by providing an indication of internal changes to the battery.

Megger BITE 2P and BITE 3 for Reliable Battery Impedance Testing

Batteries play a vital role in an electrical system, as they serve as a backup power source during power interruptions and for operating various types of vital equipment. To ensure continuous operation and prevent delays, it is necessary to have a reliable battery tester on hand. These tools allow for regular checks of the overall condition of batteries and save money on unexpected replacements.

Take Measurements Within Three Seconds with the Megger BITE2P

Megger BITE2PThe Megger BITE2P Battery Impedance Test Set has enough available current to measure impedance values and DC voltage up to 7,000 Ah, and is capable of taking measurements within three seconds.

Used in electrical power generation plants, telecommunication facilities, UPS systems, railroads, aircraft power supplies as well as in utility and industrial substations, the Megger BITE2P Battery Impedance Test Set is designed for use on valve regulated lead acid (VLRA) batteries, large flooded vented lead acid (VLA) batteries as well as nickel-cadmium (NiCD) batteries.

Keep Batteries Well Maintained with the Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Test Set

Batteries are essential in substations, power plants, telecom and other industrial facilities. Storage cells serve as auxiliary power in case of power interruptions or for powering diagnostic equipment during maintenance. Unfortunately, batteries may lose their capacity even before they reach their expected operating life. It is important to keep storage batteries well maintained to ensure they are readily available in case of power interruption.

Advanced Features of Megger BITE 2P Provide Dependable Battery Impedance Testing

Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Test SetThe Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Tester determines the condition of lead-acid and nickel-cadmium cells up to 7000 Ah. An advanced feature set has been developed that includes Pass/Warning/Fail calculations based on a user-entered baseline value, advanced printing functions and more. The case of the Megger BITE 2P consists of both the transmitter and a carrying case for all of the standard accessories in an all-in-one unit.