Catch the Power Line Culprit with Power Quality Analyzers

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Power quality analyzers are important in keeping power line’s efficiency at maximum. Harmonics present can cause serious problems to electrical equipment. Analyzing the present harmonics and fluctuation can help in properly compensating the power line.

These analyzers, usually called low frequency spectrum analyzers, scan for odd or even harmonics in a power line. This helps engineers to properly compensate the power line and increase the power quality. The reason power quality matters today is because it can cause damage to equipment. In earlier years, only the power-factor was considered when testing the power line. Due to the increase of non-linear loads connected to power lines, several harmonics are generated causing problems to electrical components. Electrical interference is radiated therefore affecting sensitive equipment. Transformers also generate a lot of heat and an electrical motor’s power efficiency is drastically reduced. One of the most common test equipment used is 
Fluke power quality analyzers. This equipment is the standard equipment used by most engineers because of its reliability and accuracy.

Analyzing power quality is important in reducing harmonics on the power line. If you are looking for reliable power quality test equipment, Protec Equipment Resources is the solution. Protec offers test equipment you can buy and rent.