Catch Bad Relays Early, Save on Repair Costs

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Making sure your electrical system is functioning properly is very important to avoid unnecessary expenses on repairs and equipment replacement. Catching bad relays early through regular maintenance will prevent system over load and power line failure. 

Perform frequent system checks with DIGITMR Circuit Breaker Timer/ Analyzer from Vanguard. What sets this tool apart from other brands is its dual-purpose feature. It works both as a 
circuit breaker timer and travel analyzer. Aside from being able to determine main contact time in milliseconds, this tool can also measure insertion-resistor contact times and cycles. Because you can measure 3 breaker poles simultaneously, you can save time on maintenance. With its slow-close test feature, this Vanguard test equipment can accurately check contact travel on maintenance. Reading and interpreting results are also very easy with this equipment as the data is presented in tabular or graphic form which you can conveniently print through its onboard printer. You can also opt to store test results on the unit as the equipment allows you to save 150 test results and almost a hundred test plans. 

Electrical problems can be avoided through frequent equipment checks. Rent Vanguard equipment from Protec. Not only do we have affordable rental rates but we also offer same-day delivery for emergency system maintenance. Call us today at 866-352-5550 for more information on equipment rental.