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Can I pick up a DC Hipot and a Circuit Breaker Test Set on Saturday?

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These are the kinds of calls we get and the answer would be….

Yes and yes and yes.  And Thank You.

We know how important availability and accessibility are in the electrical test and measurement equipment rental business.  During a recent customer visit to Indiana I was reminded of that fact once again.

We had already covered the details of what we have to offer and they were excited about what our new office and local inventory will mean for their margins, but then the focus turned to service.  My customer asked me if we would be available nights and weekends in case something ever came up that required equipment immediately.

I jokingly told him that we have a fully stocked warehouse up here with a great mix of inventory to meet his needs, but that I generally try to limit the amount of time I work to half days unless things are really hectic.  It clearly wasn’t the answer that he expected, so I quickly clarified that by half day I meant 12 hour days, not the 4 hours he was thinking about, but really the most accurate answer is that we are always available when we are needed.  

Just off the top of my head, it seems like there have been a number of cases where we had to be creative to help our local customers get the job done.  Since I have been in Chicago I have dropped off Doble power factor test sets to technicians at gas stations, met people afterhours so that they could return secondary injection test sets that they were finished with, and have spent time providing application support for Dranetz power quality analyzers via telephone to techs in the field. 

The reality is that people in the electrical testing/maintenance/service world work long, odd, and hard hours to make sure that their customers are taken care of.  I get that, Protec gets that, and thats why we are building a customer focused business that works the way they work, on their terms.  

Because the Illinois office has so many customers within driving distance it is easy to see, but this isn’t something new.  That is what Protec Equipment Resources has always done and will continue to build upon.  

If you ever need equipment at the last second, or if you need application support  give us a call and let us help.