Calibrating High Voltage Test Equipment with the Hipotronics KV100VA kiloVoltmeter

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Keeping your test equipment in good condition ensures that the test results are accurate. High voltage testers like hipots should be regularly tested to ensure that it still puts out its rated voltage. Low voltages can affect the test results and can be dangerous especially if a bad cable tests good.

A kiloVoltmeter is an essential tool for calibrating high voltage equipment like hipots, power factor testers and oil dielectric testers. Faulty equipment can give you false results and can cause problems in your power facility. A common tool used for measuring high voltages is the Hipotronics KV100A kiloVoltmeter. It can measure AC or DC voltages of up to 100 kiloVolts with an accuracy of 1% full scale. It comes in a lightweight two-piece design which makes it ideal for field and substation use. No power is required during testing. Power is drawn directly from the test sample which makes testing convenient and fast.

You can rent the Hipotronics KV100A kiloVoltmeter from Protec. We also offer other high voltage test instruments from major brands like Metrel test instruments, Doble testers and Dranetz power testers. Contact us for more information on our test equipment.