Cable Test Equipment That Can Help Save You Time and Effort Troubleshooting Underground Cables

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Trying to find underground cable problems can be time-consuming and difficult. Most technicians will do exploratory digging to get into the cable system. After digging, the next task would be pinpointing the defect and repairing it. You can actually reduce the guess work and effort with the use of proper tools. 

Here are articles about some of the popular cable test equipment used in underground cable troubleshooting.

Fast and Convenient Cable Tracing with the Amprobe AT-2000 Circuit Tracer
 talks about the features of a simple cable tracer that can be used even on energized cables. This tool allows you to determine the cable path accurately.

Save Time and Effort Prelocating Cable Faults with the Hipotronics TDR1130
 is about a time domain reflectometer than can help pinpoint the location of the cable fault without the need for exploratory digging. This helps save you time because it can accurately detect faults within seconds.

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