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Cable Test Equipment for Troubleshooting Cable Internet Lines

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When setting up and installing a new television or internet account, all electrical equipment and cables must be in good working order. Customers running premium cable or internet over the line need to have the best signal possible in order for everything to run at full capacity. For existing buildings and homes, it can prove to be very difficult to thoroughly check conditions on cable that has already been run through attics and walls. Pulling wiring back out simply to check it is often impractical and time consuming. This is where convenient cable test equipment comes in handy. The ability to check the status of wiring without needing to physically look at it proves to be an excellent asset.

There are two types of testers available for this sort of cable testing. Some hold a bit less power for a simple check while other models are stronger to achieve more definitive results. Hipot tests look mainly for two things – open and short circuits. Open circuits are when power does not get to the place it needs to go. Short circuits occur when power goes to a place where it does not belong. A 
DC hipot test runs on a battery and gives a rough idea if everything is running smoothly. If there is any sign of trouble, an AC hipot test, which plugs into an outlet, can put more power through the cables for more accurate results.

To try out any of our hipot tests, cable fault location systems or other quality test equipment, give our customer service a call to learn more about our affordable short and long term rental program that can put the equipment you need in your hands to get the job complete.