Cable Insulation Analysis Made Easy with the HV Diagnostics TD30 Tan Delta Bridge

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Loss Angle testing or Tan Delta testing is a way of testing cables to determine insulation quality. This test is conducted in order to determine the remaining life of the cable before replacement.

A cable is similar to a parallel plate capacitor where the conductors serve as the plate and the insulation as the capacitor dielectric. Tan Delta is carried out by applying an AC test signal to the test sample. Since the cable is like a capacitor, the test signal is shifted by 90 degrees out of phase. However, contaminants like dirt, grease or moisture are conductive and form a parallel RC circuit with the cable. When this happens, the phase shift of the test signal will be lesser and there will also be resistive current flowing through the insulation.

The TD30 30 kV Tan Delta Bridge from HV Diagnostics is a tester used in conjunction with a VLF system like the HVA30. This tester allows you to measure the phase angle loss in cable insulation. It is battery-operated and compact making it ideal for field use. It also has a Bluetooth module which allows fast and easy data transfer.

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