Cable Fault Pre-Location with a Thumper

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Fault pre location is important when troubleshooting buried cables. This allows you to find the fault first before digging it up. Since you can’t see the cables, it would be a hassle to dig first and search for the fault. Thumpers are the tools used to find broken cables and chipped insulation. This electrical test equipment offers a simple way of detecting faults. What it does is send an electrical impulse and if it encounters a fault, an arc forms giving out an audible thump above the ground.

Here are articles that discuss the features of some of the popular thumpers on the market.

The Fault Wizard, A Cable Fault Locator You Can Rely On features the Fault Wizard from Innovative Utility Products. Aside from being a thumper, this tool also doubles as a DC Hipot. Just imagine the convenience it offers when it comes to cable troubleshooting.

Find the  Fault with the High Voltage CDS-2010B Thumper is about a thumper that features a variable output voltage. This lets you slowly work you way up and reduce damaged cables caused by too much power used.

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