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Cable Fault Location Made Easy with a Time Domain Reflectometer

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In the past years, cable troubleshooting took a lot of time and effort. This resulted in longer down times, customer inconvenience and loss of revenue. With the advancement of technology, you can now find cable faults in just minutes with the use of a time domain reflectometer. This device works like a radar where it sends out a pulse and measures the time for the echo to return back to the source. 

One of the popular testers technicians use is the Hipotronics TDR1130A Time Domain Reflectometer. This fault locator can be used together with an arc reflection tester to pre-locate and burn-proof cable defects. This cable fault locator allows you to adjust the pulse width from 100 nanoseconds to 20 microseconds. It also has an internal memory that can store 16 cable fault traces which can be retrieved for future reference or comparison. You can use this fault locator in long overhead and even buried cables.

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