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Buy or Rent Relay or Circuit Breaker Test Sets

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When it comes to choosing the right testing equipment for your project, it helps to know more about what exactly each instrument does to keep your electrical equipment checked and operational. Relay and circuit breaker testing are both methods used frequently as part of regularly scheduled maintenance programs.

Relay Test Sets
An electric relay is an electromagnetic switch that is used for controlling large amount of current where manual switches cannot be used. A widely applied design for constructing a relay uses a pull-down coil to create a magnetic field to open or close the passage of current. Since relays operate upon large amounts of current, it is important to carry out safety checks using a complete relay test set regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Malfunction of relays can cause injury as well as result in failure of the entire system.

Circuit Breaker Testing
Circuit breakers are another class of electrical equipment that handles a large amount of current. The basic function of a circuit breaker is to break the circuit when it becomes overloaded to prevent damage to the wires as well as connected equipment due to excess current. As there can be expensive and critical equipment connected to the circuit, circuit breakers require periodic checks to ensure their integrity. The circuit breaker test set can be used to carry out comprehensive tests.

Both the electric relay and circuit breaker test sets are standard electrical test equipment and thus easy to find and operate. The equipment can be purchased, and we have rental programs available for special projects or testing methods that are less frequent. Give us a call to learn more about whether renting or buying test equipment is better for your company 866-352-5550.