Beyond Diagnostic Expectations with Doble Testing on the M4100

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Power diagnostics begin with good insulation analysis and testing, and the Doble testingequipment that performs beyond expectations is the M4100. No better option exists in the marketplace today for high voltage power testing with accurate and reliable results that users can count on.

The following diagnostics may be performed using the Doble M4100 model:

  •        Power Factor – tests integrity and quality of insulation
  •        Capacitance – measures any changes to equipment
  •        Turns Ratio – finds winding damage and shorted turns
  •        Leakage Reactance – impedance testing for short circuits and winding deformities
  •        Excitation Current – tests the circuit magnetization in transformers

The system also packs a high charge current for single phase testing at high voltages and uses its own internal generator for precision sine wave test signals. This allows for stability in data results without having to rely on an external power supply.

Doble made this unit digital to make measuring that much easier, and it patented the line frequency modulations in order to put an end to interference. This created a system that offers complete accuracy in measurements.

We offer this model through our test equipment rental program so be sure to request the pre-configured laptop with testing software at no additional charge. Contact us today for rental information or submit your quote request right online.