Better Power Analysis with Fluke and Dranetz Px5

Proper power flow is important for electrical appliances whether used at home or commercially. Fluke products not only check power inflow but also prevent and eliminate faulty power situations effectively. Power checking devices from Fluke monitor power flow aberration ranging from micro to huge readings which quickly disrupt an electrical device and cause problems like burnt cables and switches.

Fluke_1750The Fluke 1750 Power Quality Analyzer is a smart step towards mitigating power faults.

It comes across as a threes step test tool with options for scrutinizing initial power transmission and flow, identifying the right wiring locations, and consists of an integrated power reading meter.  The Fluke 1750 Power Quality Analyzer stores massive volumes of data and also has auto computing parts. Every single reading is sampled and analyzed.

dranetz-px5Another equally accurate power tester is the Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer which brings with it unrivalled power testing configurations.

Highly customizable, the Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer has multiple channels which sample every frequency range and takes correct power readings. It is one of the most reliable power testing tools and has an intuitive user interface with easy navigation graphics. 

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Editors Note: This blog was orginally posted on November 20, 2012