Battery Testing with Megger Test Equipment

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Storage batteries are important devices that are used as a source of standby power in substations, telecommunication equipment and uninterrupted power supplies. It is important to regularly conduct preventive maintenance to ensure that the batteries are in good condition. Faulty batteries can be a hassle especially in emergencies where you need an alternative power source.

Batteries are often tested by measuring the impedance and calculating battery run time. Measuring impedance can help tell you the condition of the plates, electrolytes, connectors and terminals. Ideally, a good battery should have a low impedance. If the any of the components are faulty, the impedance may increase. High impedance also affects the power output of the batteries. The faulty components can reduce the output current of the battery, thereby reducing reliability.

Calculating battery run time will help you determine the capacity of the batteries if they are still within the manufacturer’s rating. If they are below the limits, the batteries might have reached their maximum operating life and need to be replaced.

If you need reliable battery testing equipment, choose Megger test equipment. Megger offers battery loads, battery impedance testers, voltage monitors and other battery testers.

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