Battery Testing Helps Ensure Equipment Are Adequately Backed-Up

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Batteries are used as a standby source of electrical power to ensure critical equipment is always on. They are also used as an auxiliary source of power for diagnostic equipment. That’s why  it is important to test battery systems so that the equipment it supports is adequately backed-up.

Lead-acid storage cell types are commonly found in electrical facilities and power distribution systems. Some of the common causes of battery failure are dry-out, thermal run-away, grid corrosion, short circuits and plate sulphation. Regular battery testing can help you find problems that are just starting. This can save you a lot of money and reduce electrical down time that might affect the operations of the facility. One of the tests conducted on a battery is an impedance test. Normally, a good storage cell that is free from defects should have a low resistance to AC current. However, when there are storage cell component defects, the resistance increases. 

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