Battery Testing Equipment – Rent or Buy?

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The rise of battery testing equipment has become unsurprisingly quick. With the widespread of battery operated equipment, the demand for battery testers has increased and rapidly gained popularity. Several companies emerged and provided various testing equipment for either portable cells or automotive batteries. Testing equipment should be heavy duty, easy to use, safe and effective. A battery tester can diagnose the condition of a battery and can tell if its carrying capacity is decreasing.  

Megger is one of the leading manufacturers of testing equipment and other electrical diagnostic tools. Megger test equipment has been trusted by several companies and engineers over the years because of its accuracy and reliability. Megger offers a battery impedance test set that measures the impedance of a cell. The test is done by passing a small alternating current to the battery and measuring its impedance. An impedance battery tester can help determine a battery’s state because when a cell deteriorates, its impedance increases and conductance decreases. 

If you need a battery tester but do not have a budget for it, there are other options that you may consider like renting. Protec offers battery testers and electrical test equipment from various trusted manufacturers. Contact Protec now for more information on test equipment rental.