Battery Testing Equipment Provides Peace of Mind

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Testing for impedance and performing other tests on electrical devices can cause damage if done incorrectly. Damaging batteries and windings can be costly mistakes, but if safety steps are followed properly, analysis performed with a Megger meter can be conducted with little risk to equipment or the health and safety of the tester. Battery testing equipment can carry some risk of damage to property and injury to the tester as well.

A Megger meter is used to test the insulation of a piece of equipment or wound wire and performs checks to determine if the insulation has been in any way damaged. Successful tests will indicate that insulation is intact and no leakage is occurring. Testing using a meter involves applying DC voltage to voltage-bearing items. Safe testing of batteries requires that the voltage applied is less than or equal to that of the working voltage of the device or winding. Using test voltages in excess of the working voltage can cause serious damage or even destroy batteries being tested.

Battery impedance increases with the life of the cell in batteries. Battery impedance test equipmentsuch as a Megger tester can help insure that devices and windings continue working safely and efficiently.

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