Battery Testing Equipment Helps Reduce Costs on Battery Replacements

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There are several tests conducted on batteries to ensure their reliability during operation. Each test allows the technician to determine the internal state of the battery. It is important to keep your batteries well maintained to ensure that they are available when you need them. Bad batteries can also affect other cells and cause them to deteriorate. If you could spot a bad cell immediately, you can stop it from degrading other cells. It would be wise to invest in a good set of battery testing equipment to save you money on battery replacements.

An impedance test is a quick way of determining the internal condition of the battery. This diagnostic test passes an AC current into the battery and measures its impedance. Good batteries with active electrolytes have low internal impedance. However, when the battery is discharged or has internal problems, the impedance increases. Another test conducted on batteries is the discharge test. This test loads down the battery and slowly discharges it. This allows you analyze the discharge characteristics of the battery.

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