Battery Testing Equipment from Megger

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Battery testing equipment is primarily used to determine the condition of lead-acid and nickel-cadmium cells up to 7,000 Ah capacities.  Deteriorating batteries can put out a certain voltage but only for a short time. This can be a problem when the equipment suddenly dies out in the middle of a task because of faulty batteries. Periodic maintenance check on batteries can help detect deteriorating ones so it can be replaced right away and be ready for use.

One of the commonly used battery testers is the Megger BITE 2P battery impedance tester. This battery tester features  pass, fail and warning estimations that depend on user-entered values.  It also has a built-in thermal printer so you can print out your test results and have a hard copy. The Megger BITE 2P works by passing an AC current through the battery and measuring the opposition or impedance to AC current. The impedance is proportional to the battery’s state. The more deteriorated a battery is, the higher the impedance is. Impedance testing is recommended instead of load cycle testing because impedance testing takes only a few seconds to complete.

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