Battery Testing Equipment for Substation Batteries

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Most substations still use lead acid batteries as a source of backup power for substation equipment during power interruptions. They are preferred because of their longer operational life compared to VRLA batteries. They are also cheaper than alternatives like Nickel-Cadmium cells. Substation batteries should be tested regularly to detect defects that might affect their performance.

Bad batteries are usually caused by contaminated electrolytes and bad terminal connections. These significantly shortens a battery’s operating life and can damage other cells in the battery bank. Regular testing ensures faults will be detected early before it causes problems.  Most technicians use Hioki power testers and Megger test equipment for most battery testing applications because of their reliability. It is advised to choose a model that has features that meets your needs and not something that has many features you might not even use. This will help you get the best value for your money.

If you need battery testing equipment or other substation test equipment, you can get it fromProtec. You can choose from a variety of test instruments available for rent. Give us a call at 866-352-5550 if you have questions and we will be glad to find ways to meet your test equipment needs.