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Battery Testing Equipment for Evaluation of Battery Condition

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Impurities in battery plates cause cells to discharge slowly even when idle. These impurities can also slowly deteriorate the cell after a while. Battery preventive maintenance checks are crucial to ensure that the battery is readily available for emergency power to operate switchgears, emergency lighting and continuous process systems. Battery testing also helps you in budget planning for cell replacements because you can predict if a cell is about to fail based on the trending of test results.

When testing batteries, the battery impedance, ripple current, cell voltage, float current and intercell connection resistance are measured. These values indicate the total internal condition of the battery. The 
BITE3 from Megger test equipment is one of the reliable testers suited for this application. It is a single box solution for battery testing. It also features a spectrum analyzer to measure the harmonics in the ripple current. This Megger meter comes with the ProActiv software that lets you organize the test results in your computer for trending and further analysis.

For affordable rentals of battery testing equipment, consider Protec Equipment Resources. Our inventory also carries a wide range of electrical diagnostic equipment to cater to your needs. Give us a call at 1-866-352-5550 for more information on available equipment.