Battery Testing Equipment for Battery Reliability

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Substations keep batteries as an auxiliary power source during power failures and maintenance checks. These batteries are used to power other equipment that cannot be powered by the mains line. That’s why it is important to keep them in good condition and charged to ensure that they will be available when they are needed.

Measuring battery impedance is one of the tests that can help determine the internal condition of the battery. When a battery discharges, the electrolyte and the plates become inert and the chemical reaction goes into a halt. This increases its internal resistance and also its AC impedance.
Battery impedance testers simply pass an AC current and measure the residual current flowing. 

Aside from impedance testing, it is also important to test for terminal connection integrity. Corrosion can cause the battery straps and terminals to have weak connections. This results in an increase in connecting resistance and introduces losses. So instead of the power being transferred to the load, the power is dissipated as heat on the faulty joints. A DLRO is used to accurately measure joint resistance and spot faults not normally visible by inspection.

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