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Battery Testing Equipment: An Expenditure that Saves Money

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Storage batteries are essential as a backup power source for critical electrical systems. Batteries are used by telecommunication equipment and substations to ensure continuous operation. It is the most commonly used standby power source for systems that require uninterrupted and constant power supply. In a situation where adequate power supply is very critical, you cannot afford to deploy faulty battery equipment as it would defeat the whole purpose of having backup supply. Fault detection in a battery should be carried out by using sophisticated electrical test equipmenton a regular basis. You can buy test kits but another option is to rent them at a reasonable price from our electrical test equipment rental store.

To detect problems in the battery operation, you can rely on impedance measurement and battery run time calculation. Impedance measurement can provide critical information regarding terminals, conductors, plates, and electrolytes. In an ideal case, the battery is supposed to have a low impedance. However, if any component of the battery develops a fault, the impedance may increase which has a direct bearing on the battery’s power output. A calculation of the battery run time can help in assessing whether the actual capacity of the battery is within the capacity rating given by the manufacturer. In case the capacity comes out to be below the lower limit, the batteries might need replacement.

Thus, it can be said that regular battery testing is beneficial both for the battery and the electrical device using the battery. It provides a double benefit to the user.