Battery Maintenance Can Save You Money on Replacements

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Maintaining your batteries will cost you less than constantly replacing them. You can get the most out of your batteries if you regularly check their condition. This lets you prevent starting problems from getting worse. Visual inspection is not enough to diagnose battery problems. Using test equipment can tell you the internal state of the battery components.

The most common test conducted on batteries is the impedance test. An AC signal is passed through the batteries and the internal impedance is measured. A good battery should have low impedance. However, deteriorating batteries will give you a high impedance reading. If you are looking for an impedance test set, consider getting the Megger Bite 2P. This Megger metermeasures the impedance of lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries. A good feature of this tool is that you can test batteries while they are in use. This helps reduce downtime during diagnostics. Test results can be printed using its internal thermal printer or can be store in its memory for future retrieval. This is a good complement to your 
battery testing equipment and makes battery diagnostics easier.

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