Battery Maintenance and Test Equipment with Tom Sandri

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One the benefits of subscribing to our YouTube channel is that you can see footage of our Director of Technical Support, Tom Sandri, explaining various subjects like battery maintenance and test equipment.

In the video below, Tom explains the following pieces of equipment that we have available forelectrical test equipment rental.  He goes through each piece of equipment, letting you know what it is capable of as well as some of the accessories that are attached to the equipment.

  •        Megger TORKEL860
  •        Megger BVM (Battery Voltage Monitors)
  •        PowerDB rental Package

He also shows you how the hook ups to each piece are attached – since you are dealing with DC systems, there is polarity sensitivity.  Red refers to positive terminals, whereas black refers to negative terminals.

Don’t miss the protective equipment that Tom puts on – even for this demonstration.  It’s important to protect yourself when you are dealing with potentially corrosive and acidic material.

What questions do you have for Tom about electrical test equipment?  Is there a specific question that you have that we can answer through the use of a YouTube video?

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