Battery Maintenance and Personal Protection Equipment

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No doubt like most of us that deal with electrical test equipment, you are familiar with the importance of protecting yourself when you are working.

In the YouTube video below, you can see our Director of Technical Services, Tom Sandri, shows the importance personal protection equipment when dealing with some of the Megger test equipmentwe have available for rent.

Tom points out that you should have:

  •        Rubber Gloves – Whenever you are handling or working around batteries, you want to be wearing eye protection (like the ones that Tom wears in the video below at approximately 4:31, rubber gloves, even on sealed cells.  Why?  Because if you do have any seapage, or post leakage, it will be corrosive and it will carry acid.
  •        A Rubber Apron – If you are going to be working around flooded cells, particularly if you are going to be donig hydrometer measurements, also highly recommended that you are also wearing a rubber apron in addition to safety goggles and rubber gloves.
  •        Eye Protection – Even in sealed cell environment, if there are damages or if there are internal problems to the jars during the load test. It could go ahead and cause a thermal runway situation.  Batteries are a dangerous item to work around.
  •        Non-Conductive Jewelry – Be sure to not wear any kind of conductive jewelry!
  •        Non-Metallic Tools – Do not use any type of metallic tools because you have voltages at the various terminals.

Have you ever gotten injured from working on battery maintenance? What sort of problems have you run into? Do you wear additional protection equipment that Tom doesn’t mention herein?