Battery Diagnostics 101

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Batteries are often used to provide auxiliary power to substation equipment. They should be well maintained because you do not want them to be unusable when you need them. Most technicians will test for the internal impedance of batteries to determine possible faults. However, this is not enough because there are other faults not detected by internal impedance measurements.

Some batteries can have dead cells wherein the other cells are good and one cell pulls down the performance of the whole battery. This can be detected by measuring the voltage drop across each cell using a voltmeter. A bad cell will have a small voltage drop compared to other cells. A bad terminal connection is another cause of poor battery performance and failure. Vibration, repetitive heat cycles and other environmental factors can degrade the terminal connections which causes inefficient delivery of power. You can use a 
DLRO to detect resistance changes in terminals and connecting bars. This allows you to detect bad joints that appear to be fine externally. You can then recondition the part and further extend the operating life of your batteries.

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