Battery Capacity Testing with Megger Test Equipment

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Batteries in substations and power plants should be able to provide standby power in case of down time. Unfortunately, batteries may significantly lose their capacity even before they reach their calculated life expectancy. That’s why it is important to constantly test the batteries to ensure reliability. The best way to test storage cell capacity is by conducting a discharge test.

The TORKEL 860 Battery Load Unit from Megger Test Equipment is designed primarily for those who need to maintain storage cells ranging from 12 to 480 Volts. This tester features good discharging capability reaching up to 110 Amperes. If you need a higher current, you may connect additional TORKEL 860 units together.


  •        Constant current, constant resistance and constant output discharging
  •        Includes load currents in test parameters
  •        Adjustable shutdown and alarm thresholds to avoid excessive cell discharging
  •        View results in real-time using PowerDB LITE PC software
  •        PC connectivity for analysis, storage and generation of reports

If you need a reliable source of battery testing equipment, consider Protec Equipment Resources. We have distribution centers across the United States to ensure you get the equipment with no delays. Feel free to give us a call at 1-866-352-5550 for more information.