Avoid Costly Equipment Failure with Electrical Test Equipment

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When you need electrical test equipment to check bad transformers or faulty insulation on cables, an insulation test may be your best bet to finding electrical issues before they turn into big problems. Equipment left in ill repair without a regular schedule of diagnostic testing and evaluation can often lead to issues that result in shutdown delays for extensive repairs or even complete failure.

It is best to catch defects and minor repairs before they turn into large projects that require significant time and resources to repair. That’s where the proper cable test equipment can mean the difference between continued business operations or a shutdown.

The Metrel 2077 Insulation Resistance Tester is a digital high voltage megohmmeter that can successfully test voltage levels from 250 volts to 5kV with an automatic capacitance load discharge. It offers powerful protection to prevent shock to users along with an auto discharge feature that removes voltage following each test.

Another unit that offers cable diagnostics is the HV Diagnostics HVA30 DC Hipot tester. This system can be used manually or on full auto to test load capacitance and cable test sequencing.

You can rent both the Metrel and HV Diagnostics test equipment from our Dallas or Chicago distribution centers as well as a large selection of other cable and battery testing equipment for your testing projects. Contact us today on our 24 hour hotline for equipment rental anywhere in the USA.