Available Options on the Doble M4100

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When seeking test and measurement equipment for analyzing insulation, the Doble M4100 offers powerful and advanced solutions for high voltage testing.

This reliable instrument offers testing capabilities for power factor tests, capacitance testing, turns ratio, leakage reactance and excitation current. But what really makes the M4100 stand apart from other 
power factor test sets is the valuable add-ons that are included or added as options when you rent or purchase the unit from our online catalog. These offerings expand the system’s use or simplify the testing process:

  •        Safety Strobe – this handy accessory comes with the unit to provide a flashing visual when high voltage is present.
  •        Temperature and Humidity Probe – included with each rental, it aids in detecting humidity and measuring temperature for diagnostic accuracy.
  •        Doble OTC – the optional oil test cell is an important component necessary for holding test samples of insulation oil to ensure their reliability. When used with the M4100, it allows for testing of breakdown voltage, dielectric constants and capacitance.
  •        Transformer Turns Ratio Capacitor – adding this TTR capacitor allows users of the 4100 to measure transformer turns ratio up to 10 kilovolts.
  •        Capacitor Bank Tester – the M4140 offers an optional probe with cabling for testing of individual capacitors without the need to disconnect from the capacitor bank.
  •        Resonating Inductor – this type C optional accessory increases power output by extending the charge current range for the 4100 system. It allows for easier testing of larger electrical equipment.
  •        Leak Reactance Interface – the M4110 option adds impedance testing capability for transformer short circuits in order to detect deformation in the winding.
  •        Pre-configured Laptop – when renting this Doble testing unit from Protec, you may also request a laptop computer already configured with the powerful Doble ProTest software with no additional charge. This valuable program allows for quick retrieval of testing data and standardization of testing procedures. When combined with the internet, it also offers remote operations to perform database edit, merge and backup along with test analysis and comparison.

With each equipment rental, we also include adaptors, cables, hooks, leads and cords to make everything associated with your test equipment rental turnkey and ready to go. You’ll receive quick delivery with equipment already cleaned and calibrated. Call our friendly support specialist today to learn more about renting this Doble power factor and insulation tester along with all the available accessories necessary to getting the project done right. Our support line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience (866) 352-5550.