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Available for Rent from Protec – Arbiter 928A Power System Multimeter

Arbiter-928A.jpgThe Arbiter 928A Power System Multimeter with Floating-Point DSP™ Digital Signal Analysis is an AC Power measurement instrument, providing outstanding performance and flexibility in a small, hand-held package.

Not only does the Arbiter 928A measure basic data and power quantities, but it also measures power quality including harmonics, flicker, sags, surges and interruptions.

The Arbiter 928A uses two identical input measurement channels capable of measuring either voltage or current. The dual inputs allow for voltage to current, voltage to voltage or current to current measurements with a basic accuracy of 0.1%. Note: an input CT is required for any current measurement and the basic accuracy of the Arbiter 928A is affected by the accuracy of the input CT.

Arbiter 928A Power System Multimeter features:

  • 128X64 graphic LCD display
  • 30-key multi-function keypad
  • Isolated USB serial interface
  • 4 AA cells or a +7 Vdc plug-in power supply
  • Flash memory for approximately 6500 records
  • Accurate internal real time clock
  • Mlink application software

This electrical test equipment is available for rent, lease, or purchase from Protec Equipment Resources. We are here to help you with your testing equipment needs.

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