Automatic TTR Testing with the AEMC DTR8500

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Transformer replacements can put a big dent on your budget especially if they prematurely fail. Keeping them well maintained can save you money by prolonging their operating life. giving the best value for your investment.

Transformers have a fixed turns ratio that determines the conversion of voltage/current from its primary to secondary windings. Partial shorts can change the ratio and cause premature aging. To help spot winding problems, you might be interested in the AEMC DTR8500 Single Phase Automatic TTR. This tester allows you to automatically test if the turns ratio is still within the transformer’s specifications. This tester is a good addition to your 
electrical test equipment because it makes testing easy and faster. It has the capability to detect winding defects caused by turn to turn or turn to ground shorts. Check out its features first-hand by renting one from a test equipment rental company. This lets you know if this TTR tester is a wise investment.

Protec Equipment Resources is one of the most dependable equipment rental providers in the industry. You can get the AEMC DTR8500 at a rental rate you can easily afford. Contact us today for a rental estimate on the equipment you need.