Automatic Insulation Testing with the S1-554 Megger Insulation Tester

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Routine testing of electrical insulation is important because it helps reduce the hassles of unexpected repairs and costs. A bad insulation that is just starting may look fine visually and won’t show any symptoms. However, if left neglected, it can cause serious problems in the electrical system.

A good method to test insulation reliability is by time-resistance methods like PI and DAR. These tests will help you find hidden defaults not normally detected by resistance measurements alone. A good tool for this test would be the 
S1-554 Megger insulation tester. It can various electrical equipment like bushings, cables and motors. It features automatic PI, DAR, IR, DD and SV tests and can measure resistance of up to 15 TΩ. You also won’t have a problem using this on environments with high electrical noise like those found in substations. Its electrical noise suppression system can handle noise up to 4 milliAmperes. This Megger meter has an ingress protection of IP65 which allows it to tolerate the rough handling of field testing.

If you have a limited budget on test equipment, consider renting instead. Protec Equipment Resources offers rental plans that will easily fit your budget. Call us at 1-866-352-5550 for a quick rental estimate.