Automated Relay Testing with the Doble F6150 3-Phase Relay Tester

Doble_F6150Faulty electromechanical parts of a relay can cause serious trouble in an electrical facility. Relays often get partial solenoid shorts and carbonized or welded contacts. These problems may cause the relay not to open or close and interrupt its function especially for protective relays. Regular testing allows you to determine if the relay is still within the safe operating limits.

If you are looking for a reliable relay tester, consider checking out the Doble F6150 Relay Testing System.

This tester features automated test procedures and standard test templates for easy, fast and consistent testing. It also lets you conduct manual tests through its control panel software. Some of the other features of this relay test set are:

      • High-speed Ethernet and USB interface for PC connectivity
      • Lets you conduct transient, dynamic-state and steady-state tests
      • Controllable sources
      • Test 0.5 to 180 A relay types
      • Adjustable test configurations with 6 independent sources at 0-30 Amperes
      • PC software allows data analysis and remote-controlled tests

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