Automated Power Factor Testing with the Megger Delta 2000

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Faulty electrical insulation can lead to power losses and even fires. You can prevent problems caused by faulty insulation by conducting regular maintenance checks on your electrical system. This also saves you money because you can recondition equipment instead of buying replacements. You should invest in a good power factor tester to evaluate the overall condition of insulators in your facility.

Power factor testers measure the ratio of the capacitive and resistive leakage currents in insulators. Low power factor indicates good insulation resistance. Resistive currents are caused by contaminants like moisture or dirt in the insulator. If you are looking for a good tester, you might want to check out the Megger Delta 2000 
power factor test set. This tester features automated testing to save you time and reduce diagnostic errors. It has the capability to conduct all standard grounded and ungrounded-specimen tests. This Megger tester also has an automated system that runs internal diagnostics and checks if the device is calibrated. This ensures accurate diagnostics every time you use it.

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