Automated Oil Testing with the OTS-60PB Megger Insulation Oil Tester

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Contaminated insulating oils can cause serious problems in an electrical system. If the oil causes a circuit breaker to breakdown, the breaker may not be able to protect the electrical system. This could result in catastrophic damage to your electrical facility. To help ensure safety and reduce costs on repairs, it is important to test insulating oils regularly. Oil testers allow you to test oils fast and easy. You just need to get a sample and the tester conducts the series of tests according to different testing specifications.

One of the popular oils testers on the market is the OTS-60PB insulation oil tester from Megger Test Equipment. It is a fully automatic oil tester with a maximum output test voltage of 60 kiloVolts. It is portable enough to be used for on-site testing. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and has a clear back-lit screen for easy viewing of test results. This Megger meter has the option to change the display language to English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Spanish to match your local language.

If you are interested in the OTS-60PB and want to try it out, consider renting from Protec. You can also browse our inventory if you need other tools for electrical testing. You can reach us at 1-866-352-5550 if would like more information about our tools and services.