Astro-Med TMX-18 Makes Data Acquisition Easy

Astro-Med TMX-18 High-Speed Data Acquisition SystemWith the Astro-Med TMX-18 High-Speed Data Acquisition System, there’s no need to fumble with awkward buttons or knobs and complicated configurations.

The Astro-Med TMX-18 High-Speed Data Acquisition System features a high resolution; 17″ touch screen display, as well as pre-defined set up options, making test setup a breeze.

Using the powerful embedded scope capture and intelligent triggering, Astro-Med TMX-18 provides low speed trending while simultaneously monitoring and storing highly sampled time synchronized transients or events. Astro-Med TMX-18 will time stamp and embed that important data into the trend recording, assuring that you capture details of critical data.

Up to four sample rates can be selected per TMX-18 data capture. This allows you to manage file size by assigning higher sample rates to critical signals and lower sample rates to trending signals.

TMX-18 contains advanced triggering capabilities that allow you to start and/ or stop a recording based on changes in the input signals. The circular data buffer of the TMX-18 allows you to set and record large amounts of pre-trigger data. Window, level and slew triggering allows you to set up trigger conditions precisely for your application, while logical AND and OR triggering ensure that you trigger only on events that are important to you.

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