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Astro-Med, Equipment with Proven Performance

Astro-Med Inc is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of hardware and software systems that acquire, process, analyze, store and present data in a variety of useable forms.

All Astro-Med products are derived from one underlying technology and manufactured in one location. By sharing their engineering, manufacturing, and administrative workforce among their brands,achieving great efficiencies while successfully addressing their distinct customers.

Astro-Med Dash 18 18-Channel Chart Recorder

Astro-Med Dash 18 18-Channel Chart Recorder

The Dash 18 is a powerful and versatile data acquisition recording system that provides the capability to display, record, and review waveform data. Universal inputs let you connect almost any signal without using external signal conditioning. 


Astromed Dash 8x 8-Channel Chart Recorder

Astromed Dash 8x 8-Channel Chart RecorderThe Dash 8x is a powerful, compact and portable data acquisition recorder engineered specifically for capturing high frequency data and transient signals.




Astro-Med TMX-18 High-Speed Data Acquisition System

Astro-Med TMX-18 High-Speed Data Acquisition SystemThe TMX-18 features a high resolution; 17″ touch screen display, as well as pre-defined set up options, making test setup easily, and can effortlessly create and switch among multiple setup configurations. 


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