Astro-Med Channel Chart Recorders Offer Accurate, High-Speed Data

Astro-Med has been designing and manufacturing Dash series recorders for over two decades. From yesterday’s strip chart-based recorders to today’s data acquisition based recorders, the Dash series name has been synonymous with portable, rugged, maintenance and troubleshooting tools. 

Astro-Med Dash 18 18-Channel Chart Recorder

Astro-Med Dash 18 18-Channel Chart Recorder

Dash 18 is a powerful and versatile data acquisition recording system that provides the capability to display, record, and review waveform data. Universal inputs let you connect almost any signal without using external signal conditioning. 

Dash 18 can record a wide range of voltages, temperature, DC Bridge and frequency inputs, while also giving you the capability to independently set up each channel, allowing you to capture all aspects of your test.


Astro-Med Dash 8x Data Acquisition Recorder

Astro-Med Dash 8x 8-Channel Chart Recorder

The Dash 8x is a powerful, compact and portable data acquisition recorder engineered specifically for capturing high frequency data and transient signals. It provides isolated inputs with sample rates up to 2 MHz and a bandwidth of 200 KHz per channel. The Dash 8x is the ideal system to give you an accurate record of your high-speed data.

The Dash 8x offers intelligent, versatile data capture. Eight isolated analog inputs and 8-event inputs can be streamed directly to a removable 250 GByte hard drive. Sample rates can be varied from 2 MHz per channel to 100 Hz per channel. You can even capture trend data at slower sample rates while embedding higher sample rate scope capture at the same time.

Astro-Med TMX-18 High-Speed Data Acquisition System

The TMX-18 features a high resolution; 17″ touch screen display, as well as pre-defined set up options, making test setup easily, and can effortlessly create and switch among multiple setup configurations. 

Whether test runs for 100 milliseconds or 100 hours, the Astro-Med TMX-18 won’t miss a glitch. With its dedicated, 1 TByte hard drive for data capture, the Astro-Med TMX-18 High-Speed Data Acquisition System is ideal for long-term trending and high-speed event detection. 

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