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Assure Proper Trip Unit Operation with Square D by Schneider S33595

squared_s33595_bA full function test kit the Square D by Schneider S33595 Secondary Injection Test Set is designed to perform tests on Micrologic, NT and STR Trip units.

The Square D by Schneider S33595 consists of a signal-injection box which can be used alone or with a supporting personal computer (PC). The optional test kit software is compatible with Windows® 95, 98 and Windows NT® operating systems.

Without a supporting PC, the Square D S33595 may be used to check:

• The mechanical operation of the circuit breaker

• The electrical continuity of the connection between the tripping coil and the trip unit

• Trip unit operation:

— Display of settings

— Operating tests on the electronic component

— Automatic and manual tests on protection functions (trip curve verification)

— Tests on the Zone-Selective Interlocking (ZSI) function

— Inhibition of the ground-fault protection for equipment

— Inhibition of the thermal imaging


Square D by Schneider S33595 Secondary Injection Test Set Trip Unit Compatibility



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