Assure Adequate Ground Resistance Connection with the Megger DET4TCR2

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The maintenance of an adequate low-resistance ground connection is essential to both the protection and performance of any electrical system. Ground testing should be performed both upon installation, to meet design specification, and periodically thereafter in order to maintain service.

Megger DET4TCR2 Ground Resistance Test Kit Megger DET4TCR2 is a rechargeable battery powered 4-terminal tester with selectable test frequencies, greater measurement sensitivity and attached rod technique and stakeless measurement capability.

The Megger DET4TCR2 includes a current measuring function for ART (Attached Rod Technique) testing capabilities. With this added function, on-site grounds can be tested separately without having to remove the utility connection.


Megger DET4TCR2 features:

– 2, 3 and 4 point testing
– Stakeless (clamp-on) testing capability
– ART (Attached Rod Technique) capability
– Multiple, user selectable test frequencies
– Resistance measurement range to 200,000 Ω
– IP54 rated
– Warning indicators prevent test failure
– Simple one button operation
– Included leads, stakes, calibration certificate and rugged carry case

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