Assessing Ground Connections with the S250202 Megger Meter

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Earth connections should have good contact with the soil to ensure correct operation. An increase in resistance can cause problems and instability in the electrical system. It is important to regularly evaluate the ground connection to reduce the hassles of bad grounding. If you’re looking for a good earth tester, you might want to check out the Megger S250202.

The S250202 is a durable and compact earth tester that allows you to measure soil and ground electrode resistance. It utilizes the 4-electrode method to measure resistance to reduce the current circuit from affecting the readings. You can also adjust the test configuration to offset external factors like soil interference, potential or current spike resistance and low battery voltage that might affect the measurements. It has a maximum output test voltage of only 50 Volts to reduce the risk of electrocution. All the functions of this Megger tester is microprocessor controlled to ensure accuracy. This tool also features Ingress Protection 54 to be able to tolerate harsh conditions in industrial and field settings.

Protec Equipment Resources offers the Megger S250202 earth tester for rent. Contact us for details on how to rent the S250202 earth tester.