Assessing Ground Connections with the 250202 Digital Ground Resistance Megger Meter

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It is important for an electrical system to have a good ground connection. The ground connection bypasses some of the electrical noise and also protects personnel from getting electrocuted. It is a good idea to regularly test the earth connection to ensure proper operation of the electrical facility. 

A grounding stake that does not have good contact to the earth can cause problems in the electrical system. Other causes of a bad ground connection are low earth moisture and poor terminal contact. To accurately test the reliability of the ground connection, the ground resistance is measured. A good earth connection should give a low resistance reading. Bad connections will increase the resistance of the earth connection and reduce its efficiency.

The Megger 250202 Digital Ground Resistance Meter boasts a 1 μΩ resolution and a maximum output test voltage of 50 Volts. This Megger meter can measure resistance accurately from 10 mΩ up to 19.99 kΩ. It allows automated resistance measurement so you do not need to manually set the measurement options.

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