Assessing a Circuit Breaker’s Reliability with the Vanguard DIGITMR Circuit Breaker Analyzer

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The function of circuit breakers is critical in an electrical system. These devices are designed to protect the facility and interrupt the current in case of a fault in split second precision. If the circuit breaker is just a few milliseconds late in tripping the circuit, this can result in serious damage to the electrical system. Regular testing allows technicians to determine if the protective device is still within its recommended operating specifications.

circuit breaker timer is a tool that helps assess the trip characteristics of a circuit breaker. It measures how fast the contacts travel from closed to open and also how fast the circuit breaker reacts to a trip signal. One of the best tools today on the market is the Vanguard DIGITMR Circuit Breaker Analyzer. This tool can accurately test three circuit breaker poles simultaneously. It has a single transducer input and simplified connections for easy testing. It can display the measured values in graphic or tabular form depending on your preference. The Vanguard DIGITMR can also monitor the current in the trip/close coil.

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